"Dad taking a nap with the mini schnauzer
"Caleb and Reggie-Claws
Christmas 2008"
"Josh & Maggie-Claws
Christmas 2008"
"Brittney still plays with all the mini
schnauzer babies when she comes home
from college"
"Maw-Maw and her new Teacup
schnauzer baby, Jasmine, that she got
for Christmas"
"Paw-Paw relaxing with   
Thanksgiving 2009
Josh & Ryan
Halloween 2009
Tyler, Ryan, Josh & Caleb
Football Banquet 2009
"The Jordan Family"-Summer 2009
Dooney, Tessa & Chloe
tuckered out from
Christmas 2009
Me & my Boys
"Johnny & Caleb in our bed with 7 mini
schnauzers after everyone just had a bath!"
"9 times out of 10 there are  mini
schnauzers in our pictures!"
"My 3 lovely children!"
They grow up so quickly
2 of the mini schnauers are
pregnant, I just look
We all need our Sunday
"Happiness is a lap or bed
overflowing with miniature
Schnauzer-blanket anyone?
Is it a "Toy"? No, it's a Teacup!
We offer high quality Teacup, Toy &
Schnauzer Puppies for Sale!
"Rub their bellies & they go right to sleep!"
"Nap Time!"
Christmas Eve 2010
"Schnauzers all around
the Christmas tree!"
Dream Maker's Puppies
"Welcome to our Mini Schnauzer Fur-family!"
"Can you count the  mini schnauzer puppies?"
"Boy, they love to nap!"
Who Johnny or the mini schnauzers?
Five pregnant partis!
Say that 5 times fast
Cash & Gretchen Spoonin'
"Josh's 16th Birthday"
Me with my Momma & Daddy
"Happy Father's Day 2011!"
We are a Family of
There's very little room left for "me"!!!
Caleb & his Solara
A nice lady in Louisiana
made this for me!
"How many  
is too much?"
All my babies dressed up
for Christmas!
Brittney with both Grandmothers
My Momma with
her Christmas
present "Ricky"
a platinum
Christmas "Bliss"!
Twix, Chloe & Tessa dressed for Christmas
Beautiful pregnant Bella
Brittney playing
with puppies
after Church!
Johnny with Tootsie our smallest
schnauzer ever!
Chloe, Bella & I in the Bluebonnets
"My son, Josh, caught me, Johnny & the babies
Their favorite place to lay other than in the
2 new babies we are keeping
"Gidget & Lexi"
Our youngest son Caleb
enlisted in the Army
We are very proud of him!
Grandma on her 76th Birthday
with Ricky on her lap!
Bella & Chloe as matching book ends!
"Robby & Brittney on her Graduation
night from college!" She graduated with
honors & we are so proud of her.
Elli Mae our sons pup was supposed to be
6 lbs. & ended up being 4 lbs.
Me & my Daddy
Me, Brittney & Jack-Bear
My best friend
Katy & me!
Koda in my closet in her favorite place
sleeping on my Ugg house shoes!
Koda finally groomed at almost 7
months old & only 3 lbs.
Charity Fund Raiser
where they were auctioning
one of our puppies!
Dani & Chloe
snuggling on the back of the sofa!
is now
Bella & Brody dressed in
their Christmas P.J.s
Grand-dogs! Ace &
Dog Show
Our first schnauzer,
Truffles, as a puppy!
She had
some ears
didn't she!
Our 1 yr old
Giant Schnauzer,