We work as a family caring for all of our miniature schnauzers, because all of our miniature schnauzers are
our pets.
Our sons, Joshua & Caleb, do the daily feeding, watering & picking up the yard. My husband gives shots &
supplies all the money(nobody said raising pups is cheap but it's fun!), I do the grooming, birthing,  take
care of our site & answer questions over the phone.
Doing this as a hobby also allows me to be a stay at home mom & our sons to earn money for college.
We also have rescued 33 miniature schnauzers to date from going to the shelter & placed them in loving
Our miniature schnauzers are high quality well socialized pets. They are great with children, adults and
other pets. We only feed high quality food to our mini schnauzers. Only the best will do!

We started out with one exceptional  Miniature Schnauzer named Truffles who we adopted when she was 6
weeks old. We had never owned a Miniature Schnauzer before but in the past we have had many other
breeds. But as we have heard many others say, and we are some of those others now, once you own a
Miniature Schnauzer, you won’t
want any other breed and most times 1 is not enough. Truffles died just 18 months after we got her but she
made a deep and lasting impression on us and her death left a big hole in our hearts. We still miss her to this

Anyway, the rest is history. We had one Mini Schnauzer, Toffee, when Truffles died. We started finding  
Miniature Schnauzers to make a part of our family and we have not stopped yet. We went from 1 Mini
schnauzer to 12 in just 6 months. We have schnauzer puppies everywhere, kind of a 101 Mini Schnauzer
thing. We decided shortly after our 3rd  mini schnauzer that we would raise Mini Schnauzers so we could
share the love and joy we get from them with others; it also helps to finance our  Mini Schnauzer addiction!
My husband thinks we have to have 1 of every color & size (ha ha!). We recently  added wonderful rare
Merle or confetti schnauzers to our  mini schnauzer family ! We have a sweet Giant schnauzer, too!

In October 2009 we moved to 1 1/2 acres  so we could have more room for our miniature schnauzers!
Please enjoy the family pictures in our photo gallery page. You too can make your own wonderful memories
when you purchase one of our miniature schnauzers.
Dream Maker's Puppies
"Schnauzers Rule all other dogs Drool!"
"Feel Free to use
any  miniature
schnauzer clip art on
my site! I am a clip
art junkie as you
probably can tell!"
"We would like to
give a special thanks to
Janice Edwards
of Music Makers.
Who without all her
help we would have
been lost!"
With her help we have
30 years miniature
schnauzer experience
to fall back on.
"Dream Maker's Puppies
New Home!"
Our personal protection
Giant Schnauzer!
30 minutes North of Houston in Willis, TX
936-856-5090 or 936-520-9297
"We have high Quality Teacup, Toy &
Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for sale in all
colors including Parti & rare Confetti
Merle Schnauzers!"
"Johnny grooming Suzie-Q"
"Our Doggy Room"
(our attached, closed in, air conditioned & heated garage)
Shaded Puppy Exercise Pens
"All our
dogs & puppies
get to run free in the
yard in good
They aren't stuck
inside in cages or
Nursery & Birthing Room
All our mother's have their babies
indoors in our birthing room & stay on
heating pads until they are at least 3
weeks old.
All our babies have their own beds
with their names on each of their
kennels. They come in & sleep at
night but run around the house or in
the yard during the day time & in
good weather.
Our new Puppy Viewing area
Our New Puppy Play/Exercise Yards